Best Places to Sell Designer Bags in London

Why Sell Your Pre-Loved Designer Bags?

Growing tired of seeing your once loved designer bags at the back of your wardrobe, shut off from loving and admiring eyes? It's probably time to buy the new Dior Saddle bag, right? You may be toying with selling your pre-loved designer clothes to give your wardrobe the revamp it needs and of course, treat yourself.

We all know how long selling something online can take, and let’s face it, online after commissions and fees – you don't always sell at the price you actually wanted. You could be waiting for a very long time before selling it at a lacklustre price just to say you sold it. Taking your pre-loved and new designer bags to a consignment store, can be a quicker and more efficient way of getting your cash immediately to spend elsewhere.

On top of all that, selling your designer bag is obviously an eco-friendlier way of making space in your wardrobe. Sustainable fashion isn’t just in, it’s also revolutionizing the fashion industry as we know it – our interest in second-hand pieces is growing, according to, 45% of the people questioned in 2019 said they would buy pre-owned clothing and demand for pre-loved luxury is robust.

What Bags we Buy

Sellier is the best-known consignment store in Knightsbridge (and a London legend). Knightsbridge, known for its luxurious architecture and department stores, the area is the perfect backdrop for consumers looking to buy high-end luxury pieces - therefore selling with Sellier means that you don't wait long for your items to find a home.

Our particular specialities are Chanel and Hermes bags. Whether you’re thinking about selling that Chanel classic chanel flap bag  or the iconic Boy Bag, we will give you the best possible price.

We have a large client book meaning that we can take Hermes bags at all levels, no matter the leather – plain or exotic, or the style. We have a list of customers waiting for bags and are often able to match sellers to buyers immediately, without your item even gracing our shelves. Sellier take in the most popular and iconic Hermes models and pay instant cash, allowing you to upgrade your wardrobe for the season ahead.

When it comes to selling your once loved designer bags, Sellier is the destination. Offering a quick alternative to online platforms, they are ready to turn the second-hand industry on its head. Contact us today about your item to see how we can help it find a new, loving home.