Guide: Buying Sustainable Pre-Loved Luxury Fashion London

Fast fashion is a thing of the past. Or at least, it soon will be. The impact of our fashion choices are well known and diverse. There are ethical concerns regarding the sweatshop conditions that so many people work in just so that we can have a never-ending supply of new, cheap clothes. Then there are the environmental concerns; the impact that the manufacturing of such a high volume of clothing, using materials that aren’t sustainably sourced. Because so many of these clothes aren’t designed to last, they then end up in landfill within six months, adding even more environmental damage.

Time to Slow Things Down

This is where slow fashion comes in.  Not only does it promote sustainable fashion and environmental awareness, it also means that the clothes that you buy are meant to last. This means that they are made from high quality, luxury materials. The ability to buy a pre-loved item from Chanel or Louis Vuitton, that you know will stand the test of time is one of the joys of buying pre-loved designer clothes. You don't need to worry about cheap polyester fibres shedding in the wash or seams that fall apart after a few wears. Instead you can own a luxury item you can take pride in, whilst also being responsible in your fashion choices.

Buy Pre-Loved Designer Clothing in London

Pre-loved luxury fashion is the answer to your problems. Not only will you be able to wear designer brands, but you’ll also be purchasing something that is good quality and designed to last for years instead of months. Online consignments stores are popping up all over the place. However, nothing quite replaces the experience of a physical store, browsing the aisles and being able to try things on before you commit. Sellier's location in the heart of Knightsbridge makes it London's best consignment store for luxury fashion -  so if you’re exploring the idea of slow fashion, that’s where you should start.

 Reasons why Pre-loved is the Future

 1.    Good for the Environment

This has already been mentioned but having the option to buy pre-loved clothing in Knightsbridge and beyond will mean that your carbon footprint will be drastically reduced. You’ll be doing your bit to reverse climate change.


2.    Less is More 

If you buy an item by Hermes or Dolce & Gabbana, you’re going to treasure it. You’re going to really think about what works with your wardrobe, and buy an item designed to be worn all the time. With fashion like this, you’ll soon find that you have fewer clothes in your wardrobe, but that you have no need for any more. Minimalism means sustainable.


3.    Makes you Feel Good

Knowing that your clothes have been ethically sourced, are made from sustainable materials, and are also pre-loved will make you feel good about your choices. So much so, that you’ll never doubt buying a luxury garment ever again.

If you buy clothing from a consignment store, you are making a choice to reject fast fashion and support clothing bought with sustainability in mind. Luxury fashion might seem decadent, but when you buy pre-loved, you are buying an item that will be a wardrobe staple for years.