Where to Buy a Hermes Birkin or Kelly Bag in London?

How easy is it to Buy a Hermes Birkin bag in the Hermes Boutique London?

In short, not easy at all. You will most likely be met with the same tired excuses.

“Sorry Madam, but there’s nothing at the moment”

“Ok, is there a good time to come back?”

“Sorry Madam, we never know when the bags will come in. They never tell us…” 

“Maybe you can tell me which month you usually get shipments?”

The sales assistant leans in conspiratorially…. “Try the beginning of July 2028….”

“Fine. Any chance you have a Hermes Constance bag in the back?”

“No sorry Ma'am. But I do have a beautiful Lindy in Vert Anise”

Meanwhile, just a few meters down the counter a straight faced Malaysian client is admiring a togo Hermes 30cm Birkin in gold with gold hardware. They are taking this baby home. Along with the £6,000 in  perfume, Hermes Oran slippers and accessories that they had to buy before being allowed the privilege of being shown a Birkin bag.

In short, if you want to buy a Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag in the London boutique you need to be prepared to drop some serious dolla. But there are other options.

Authentic Hermes Reseller in London

Hermes resellers come in all shapes and sizes. But as with everything else, they are not created equal. 

Sellier Knightsbridge offers both authentic new Hermes bags to buy and as well as pre-loved and second hand Hermes bags. This means that we can offer something at every price point. And the best part - you don’t need to spend thousands on merchandise you don’t need as you do in the boutique.

At our Knightsbridge store, you can buy iconic vintage Hermes Kelly bags, rare crocodile Birkin bags and exotic skins such as Hermes ostrich skin Kellys and Birkins.

Why Buy a Hermes Bag in London through Sellier Knightsbridge?

We have recruited the best Hermes authenticators in London to check each item. Our team have been in the business since the 1970s. In this time, thousands of Hermes bags have passed through their knowledgable hands. They know what to look for to make sure an item is authentic and all our bags come with a guarantee of authenticity. 

Can I Sell My Hermes Bag Through You?

If you have a Hermes bag you wish to sell, we’d be delighted to help. You can either call us to discuss or bring your bag to the shop, where we will buy it from you for cash.