For Buyers

1. How do you determine authenticity?

    At Sellier Knightsbridge we pride ourselves on being the UK’s fastest growing luxury reseller for pre-loved superbrands. All our items are guaranteed authentic and have gone through an authentication process by our team of experts. If it turns out otherwise, you will get your money back. 

    2. Where do you source your items?

      This is understandably a question we get asked a lot. While we cannot list each consignor, our items are sourced from a combination of high net-worth individuals, leading fashion stylists as well as retailers looking to discreetly part with superbrand stock. 

      3. What is the returns process?

      As Sellier Knightsbridge is a consignment store, all sales are final. Like other luxury resale platforms, the items we sell belong to private consignors and not to us. As such, we do not offer returns or exchanges.

      If you are unsure about an item, we suggest coming to the store to view it in person or contacting a member of our team via Instagram, phone or email for extra information.  

      4. Do you ship internationally?

      Absolutely, we ship worldwide! Any international deliveries are placed safely and with care through DHL Express on the same day the order is made. Note that some international deliveries (particularly those of high value) may incur customs charges which are outside of Sellier Knightsbridge’s control. Any customs charges are the responsibility of the buyer and payable solely by them.

      5. How often do you receive new Stock?

        We receive new stock on a daily basis but this is usually a bit of a lottery as we never know what we are going to get! Usually, new stock will go straight to our Instagram stories and website. This means that a lot of our stock never makes it to the shop floor as it gets snapped up shortly after we upload it. 

        6. Do you have items that are not on the website? 

          We have a lot of gorgeous clothes that are not currently on our website. Our store in Knightsbridge spans across two floors so there are plenty of beautiful pieces to explore in person. In fact, most of our amazing pieces are available to view in-store only as it is hard to do them justice in picture form.  A number of customers will come in for a browse and leave with pieces they didn’t even know we had! All our pieces are superbrands in amazing condition and for amazing prices, so be sure to pop by!

          7. I found something I love but it is not my size. What do I do? 

          Each item we receive is unique. This means that we cannot guarantee different sizes of something on our website.  

          8. I am looking for my dream Hermès bag. How can you help?

          We have a few options if you are looking for a Hermès bag. 

          1. We have existing stock of authentic, pre-loved bags that are available at competitive prices that are available to buy from us directly. We always provide a receipt or authenticity certificate with our Hermès bags.

          2. We also stock brand new Hermès handbags priced competitively and at a lower premium when benchmarked against the general resale market.

          3. If we do not have the bag you are after in stock, we can help in sourcing this for you. This is usually a more costly option, however, as we reach out and source these from our exclusive and reliable suppliers. Once our supplier has provided us with the bag, we will check that it is up to our immaculate standards before shipping it through to you.

          9. Can Sellier Knightsbridge source other items?

            At the moment we only source Hermès bags. Contact us on and we’d be happy to discuss your search! 

            10. I missed out on something which I absolutely loved. Can I put my name on a list if it’s available again?

            Our most desirable items usually sell within minutes of us posting them. Because of the nature of Sellier Knightsbridge’s business and each of our pieces being unique, it is rare that we receive a specific item more than once. As such, we do not have a running list but rather suggest you keep a regular eye on our Instagram and website. If you see an item you love, be sure to read the item description and strike fast as it may not come up again! 

            11. Do you take reservations of certain goods?

            Unfortunately, the sheer volume of enquiries we receive for popular items means that we are unable to take reservations or operate a wishlist for specific items.

            12. What health and safety measures does Sellier Knightsbridge have in place? 

            At Sellier Knightsbridge, the health and safety of our buyers, consignors and staff is our highest priority. We always handle stock with gloves for everyone’s safety and the protection of our items. Our surfaces are regularly disinfected and we operate in line with health and safety operating procedures issued by the UK government.  


            For Sellers

            1. How do I sell to Sellier Knightsbridge? 

              We have a couple of options if  you wish to sell a superbrand item on our website. We can take on your item on consignment which we will advertise on our website. Alternatively, we can buy your item outright in cash. Please see our “Sell with Us” tab on our website where you can upload information and pictures of the item you wish to sell. Please note that due to the number of uploads, we will only respond to your submission if your item is one we wish to take. 

              We only accept superbrands in great condition and do not currently accept shoes (except by Hermès and Chanel). Please see more information under “Which items are Sellier Knightsbridge looking for?”. 

              If we accept your item, we will ask for your bank details or PayPal link for sending through payment once the item is sold. 

              2. How are the prices determined?

              We are a small store and keep a tight edit. Consequently, we like to keep our stock turning over. When we price items, we price them to sell, meaning we price realistically and competitively. This ensures that we offer our buyers the best possible prices while ensuring we meet the consignors’ interests as well. This approach means that Sellier Knightsbridge sells its stock far quicker than other consignment stores. 

              3. How is commission determined? 

              Item Value

              You Get

              Our commission

              Up to £1,250



              £1,250 - £2,400



              £2,500 +



              Hermes Birkin or Kelly Bags

              Item Sale price minus £1,850-£4,000

              £1,850-£4,000 Flat


              4. Why is your commission higher than eBay and Vestiaire Collective? 

              Sellier Knightsbridge prides itself in providing an exclusive, professional and caring service to its buyers and its consignors. This means that once we accept your item on consignment, it will be authenticated, individually styled, modeled, advertised and marketed through our social media platforms and website. Our exclusive client base and far-reaching platforms means that we have an incredibly high sell-through rate on items; many of which sell before even making it to our website! We therefore offer consignors a personalised service with guaranteed views of their item and maximised opportunities of sale. 

              5. My item has sold - when and how do I get paid?

              Unlike most other consignment stores, we pay our consignors on Friday of the week their item has sold. This means that you do not have to wait months before being paid! Payment is contingent on the item being marked “picked up” or “delivered” to the buyer. 

              6. Which items are you looking to resell?

              We pride ourselves in being a luxury reseller of pre-loved superbrands. This means that we only accept items that are: 

              • Genuine
              • A recent model
              • In good condition
              • By a superbrand (e.g. Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, CELINE)

              7. Which items do you not take?

              We are offered hundreds of products every week and, on average, take only 20% of what is offered to us. Ths criteria for us in taking on an item is that it is a recent superbrand item in good condition. As such, we do not accept items that are: 

              • Vintage (e.g. crocodile bags)
              • In poor condition
              • Shoes (except Chanel and Hèrmes) 
              • High street items (e.g. Paul Smith, Karen Millen, DKNY)
              • Mid-range brands (Alice + Olivia, Alice McCall, Needle & Thread) 
              • Items bought at sample sales 
              • Brands sold extensively at sample sales (e.g. Mulberry, DvF) 
              • Overpriced consignments - we price competitively to achieve sale