Our Commission

We have one of the fastest turnaround rates in the industry for selling preloved luxury items. Our commission structure is competitive (most consignment stores charge 50% across all price brackets) and reflects the amount of work we put into selling each and every item regardless of price. 

Item Value

You Get

Our commission

Up to £1,250



£1,250 - £2,400



£2,500 +



Hermes Birkin or Kelly Bags

Item Sale price minus £1,850-4000

£1,850 - £4000 Flat

Terms and Conditions

Selling your pre-loved items with Sellier Knightsbridge

By selling your item(s) with us you hereby accept the terms and conditions detailed below.

  1. All items we sell are authentic. If any item is found to be counterfeit, we reserve the right to charge a £100 administration fee prior to returning the item to you.
  2. We authenticate Hermes bags with an external authenticator. If your Hermes bag does not come with the original receipt, the 80 GBP cost of authentication will be borne by the Seller (even where the bag does not sell). The seller will receive a copy of the certificate confirming authenticity.
  3. Consignors receive a commission based on the sale price of their item, according to our commission structure as indicated below. Please note that we are legally obliged to collect VAT at 20% on every sale, accordingly we will add this, together with our marketing and transaction fees, to the price agreed with the Seller. Your payout is based on non-VAT price and not on the higher price which appear on our website. 
  4. All items consigned should be in good freshly cleaned condition. If any items of clothing consigned are dirty, we will send these for dry cleaning and charge the cost of 15 GBP per item to the Seller. We reserve the right to do so without notice to the Seller. It is the Seller’s responsibility to make sure items are clean when brought to us.
  5. Sellier does not under any circumstances accept damaged items. Where damaged items are sent to us, we reserve the right to charge the Seller up to £25 for the cost of any repair. This amount will either be deducted from the Seller’s payout once the item sells or payable by the Seller on collection of their item in the event that the item does not sell.
  6. Sellers are responsible for covering the cost of shipping items to Sellier. Sellier does not accept any responsibility for the loss of any items shipped to it by Sellers.
  7. If Sellier, acting in its sole discretion, decides to return items to the Seller, the Seller’s original shipping costs will not be reimbursed by Sellier.
  8. Sellier reserves the right to advertise the Seller's stock via its social media page including via Instagram stories. Any decision to advertise stock in this way will be made at Sellier's discretion. Sellier reserves its social media channels for the best stock it receives and uses this to advertise items belonging to a broad range of Sellers. The consignment of stock with Sellier is not a guarantee that items will be sold in this way.
  9. Where an item has been posted on social media and it has not sold Sellier reserves the right not re-post the item unless a price reduction is finalised.
  10. For items under £1500, we reserve the right to change the sale price of the item either 15% up or down from the agreed price, if we feel that this will help achieve a sale. You will of course be paid based on the achieved sale price.
  11. After 2 months items under £1500 that are not collected may be reduced at our discretion by 40% in order to achieve a sale and you will be paid based on the achieved sale price . If you do not wish for your items to be reduced, please collect them.
  12. After 6 months if your items are unsold, they should be collected. Any items which are not collected after 6 months will be put on final clearance or given to charity.
  13. Sellers will be paid the balance on their account within 7 days of providing  Sellier Knightsbridge with their payment details. It is the sole responsibility of the Seller to contact Sellier Knightsbridge for periodic updates as to the status of any sales. All enquiries should be exclusively via email to shop@sellierknightsbridge.com.