The Chanel Classic Flap Size Guide - Comparing Chanel Sizes

The epitome of an iconic fashion accessory, the Chanel Classic Flap is about as symbolic as it gets when it comes to notable designer arm candy. The Chanel Classic Flap bag is a historic design masterpiece that has transformed the way women wear handbags to this day. Holding mega influence throughout the world, this is the bag of dreams on the top of every bagaholic’s wishlist, all stitched into one finely quilted symbol of fashion significance. 

Introduced to the fashion scene by Coco Chanel in 1955 as the 2.55 flap bag, there have been several variations, but each boasts a rectangular shape, made of the finest quilted leather, adorned with an all-chain strap and mademoiselle lock. The inspiration of the exterior of this iconic design derives from Gabrielle Chanel’s fondness of equestrian sports and her love of jockey jackets and saddle blankets, evidently portrayed through the final choice of material; primarily black quilted leather with a diamond and herringbone pattern has proved to be the essence of this timeless bag. 

Whilst the Classic remains well, a classic, there have been some subtle design alterations along the way – from the launch of the re-issue in 2005 which features the original lock, to the CC turnlock introduced by Karl Lagerfeld. With an array of brand new as well as pre-loved Classic Flaps out there, we are here to guide you through the 6 sizes within the range to ensure your purchase is the best choice for you.  

Chanel Classic Mini Square Size

W 6.6" x H 5.3" x D 3.1"

What fits inside a Chanel Classic Square Mini  Bag?

Unlike any other Chanel bag, this Mini Square stands out against the crowd – it turns out good things do come in small packages. Unique in boxy shape, distinct in demeanour, this little beauty works exceptionally well worn crossbody but worth noting, some taller body types might find this sits better as a one shoulder wear. It’s perfect for date night which can fit your red lipstick, keys, iPhone and some fresh mints. With only one single flap, the Mini Square offers a contemporary & minimalist look and feel. 

Retail Price (Based on August 2022 Price Increase): £3,480


Chanel Classic Mini Rectangle Size

W 7.8″ x H 4.7 x D 2.3″ 

What fits inside a Chanel Classic Rectangular Mini  Bag?

There is a misconception that the Chanel rectangular mini fits more than the square shape - it doesn't! Essentially the two bags have the same capacity, but it's the shape that is the matter of preference. It can be worn crossbody for most body types, and if you are looking for that outfit deal breaker, why not try this in a bright colour. Diverse enough to be the ultimate transition bag from day to night, you’re able to fit your makeup essentials, iPhone, AirPods and your mini purse or wallet.  Can be worn crossbody, over the shoulder or even as an evening clutch if you tuck the chain inside.

Retail Price (Based on August 2022 Price Increase): £3,650


Chanel Classic Small Size

W 9″ x H 5.7″ x D 2.3″

What fits inside a Chanel Classic Small Bag?

Small by name, big in reputation! Able to be used as your everyday bag, or for evening formal occasions, this specific size is both elegant, versatile and a popular favourite, especially with the double flap. With only a little bit less capacity than the medium size, the Small can still fit more than enough essentials, such as your iPhone, medium wallet, makeup essentials, hand sanitiser and keys. 

Retail Price (Based on August 2022 Price Increase): £7,090


Chanel Classic Medium

W 9.9” x H 6” x D 2.5”

What fits inside a Chanel Classic Medium Bag?

The Medium Classic has the signature double flap like the other Chanel Classics (except the minis) and is most recognizable by the eight whole diamonds stitched across the flap. The medium is the most popular and most easy to wear, day in, day out with it being the perfect fit on the waist when carried on a single chain and just as perfect as a cross body. Able to carry all your essentials such as iPhone, your favourite pair of sunglasses with the case, Chanel La Crème Main, AirPods as well as a mini toiletry bag with your go-to compact and lipstick to freshen up from day to night.

Retail Price (Based on August 2022 Price Increase): £7,550


Chanel Classic Jumbo Size

W 11.7” x H 7.6” x D 3.9”

What fits inside a Chanel Classic Jumbo Bag?

Jumping up to the jumbo size enables you to rock this bag for everyday use. Due to its capacity to carry even more of your essential must haves such as wallet, notebook, a full makeup bag as well as your iPhone. Ideal for most occasions, the Jumbo allows you more diversification such as a work bag, day bag and a weekend bag. Now it is worth noting that the Jumbo is significantly heavier than the rest of the smaller range and understandably so – double flap, thicker chain, larger body and normally worn with the chain doubled on the shoulder.

Retail Price (Based on August 2022 Price Increase): £8,140


Chanel Classic Maxi Size

W 12.9″ x H 9″ x D 3.9″

What fits inside a Chanel Classic Maxi Bag? 

Exaggerating the Classic Flap as a statement all day bag, the Maxi is both spacious and versatile as well as the rarest seen out there. Doubling as a travel bag as well as your everyday carry around, you’ve got no excuse not to be travelling in style. Ideal for taller women, the Maxi is a must-have especially as it is large enough to fit in your work essentials - perfect for impressing at those board meetings. Most definitely a shoulder bag, you can fit pretty much anything and everything you need. Keep in mind, filling this spacious bag will make it significantly heavier than the smaller range.

Retail Price (Based on August 2022 Price Increase): £8,649


How will the recent Chanel price increases impact resale prices? 

The rumour mill has been turning for some time but we can now confirm the word on the street is in fact true – the plunging Euro has had a significant knock on effect on prices on our favourite French brand. Whilst intentions behind the hike in price are well founded, the harmonization between US and EU prices has resulted in a 9% increase. 

Prices on the pre-loved market will be going up as a result of the price increase. At the moment we’re finding box fresh Chanel Classic models such as the Mini Square and Mini Rectangle are performing well, with a 25-30% premium on the resale markets. There are however, other box fresh Classics that do not perform as well, as it usually depends on customer sentiment and what tends to be popular.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be there to soften the blow, offering you a unique shopping experience with some of the most exclusive Chanel investment pieces out there. Shop our latest drops here