'And Just Like That' Fashion Report: SATC the Reboot

Are you a Sex In The City fan? If yes, chances are you are being teased with quilting, embossing and maybe the hope to see a nod to the 00's with a saddle? If you don't understand what I'm talking about - you're in the wrong place (to be quite frank). 

Set to air on December, THE New York based fashion orientated show paved the way for the likes of Gossip Girl and even Emily In Paris - shows that place high drama and high fashion at the heart of the story. Sex In The City was the first show to do this, and let's face it, we all quote Carrie to this day (“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself" Yes it is Carrie, yes it is.)

The three friends, with the noticeable absence of Samantha Jones PR, have induced mass hysteria during filming, with die-hard fans watching the filming for hours on end from behind the barriers. Many media outlets have reported on the filming, and this only naturally gives us a glimpse into the wardrobe....in particular what the ladies are holding. Bags. Bags. Yes the beautiful bags that they are carrying. And oh are we excited.

During the run of the original series which spanned from 1998-2004, there were a few key players that were put on the global map due to the show. Honourable mentions to Galliano's saddle which has recently had a comeback, as well as the Fendi baguette ("that bunny stole my baguette"). 

Lets take a closer look at all of the bags that we have seen so far whilst Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis take the streets of Manhattan once again with couture, chic and clashing prints.

What is that we spy? Carrie Bradshaw Fendi purple sequin Baguette that the Manolo Blank robber famously stole?

Yes, she has it back balanced on her dainty shoulder, and she even is quoted remarking 'oh, this is not a bag'. 

Oh Carrie, we agree. That is not just a bag. That is a bejewelled beautiful Baguette. 

Charlotte York, did you ever think you'd seen the Park Avenue Princess holding plastic Fendi? Well, it is recycled so we can allow it - especially as its completed with one of Fendi's gorgeous new bag charms. 

Mrs York-Goldenblatt is also seen with the iconic Lady Dior. The top handle designs feel right for her character, she is every inch of prim and proper, as should her handbags be.

Do you recognise Carrie's belt? She wore it halloween costume shopping with Miranda in the 2008 film -"witch, or sexy kitten?"

Also, notice the pearls. Wether it is a single strand or multiple. Carrie has always been fond of pearls. Pictured above a single strand paired with a Caroline Herrera dress and Manolo shoes (fabulous). 

A little (can't fit my phone, keys AND powder type- little) Chanel WOC number has been spotted on Mrs York-Goldenblatt in the form of a tweed style. Classic and cute - very Charlotte!


Just like her Burberry dog poo-bag holder. Note to self, buy one. 

Carrie is still featuring elaborate headwear, "I put birds on my head" pops to mind- and she still is.

However, our interest peaked at this double-bagging. What do we think? 

But what has got us really intrigued is her choice in Balenciaga.

Not any Balenciaga. BalenciGucci. Gucciaga. We're not sure what to name it, but did she just make it incredible cool and justified? And those three clashing patterns? Does this icon just make everything fabulous? Yes - and this picture is all the evidence you need. Case closed.

Charlotte and the Louis Vuitton Cappucine, Carrie and the clownish (sorry) flower broach. This is a nod to the original series, as she was always seen with a flower broach added to her already over the top outfits.



She always did love a bizarre accessory - remember the Yossai Harari pretzel necklace? Could you get anything more New York than that?