10 Most Expensive Hermès Handbag Colours

You love your Hermès bag, but how much do you really know about the Hermès brand? Adored for its varied colour palettes, the brand is highly collectable but did you know that some colourways are more coveted than others? Just as the Hermès leather portfolio is diverse, the library of colours is just as awe-inspiring. When you buy a Hermès bag, you aren’t simply investing in an elite accessory, you are purchasing a piece of fashion history that with Hermes prices on the rise could be worth a dizzying sum. Here’s our run-down of the most valuable colourways in reverse order.


So What are the Most Valuable Hermès Hues?


10 – Anemone


Hermes anemone mini kelly ghw street style hanushka toni

The tenth most valuable Hermès shade might be an Hermes Kelly bag in Anemone with gold hardware. This vibrant jewel-like purple hue creates a pop of colour that promises to elevate any outfit. While bold, this shade complements a variety of colours and looks stunning paired with neutrals and brights alike.


9 – Lime

lime hermes birkin sellier knightsbridge


If your dream Hermès handbag comes in a lime shade, it’s the ninth most valuable colourway. Lime is a seasonal colour that has been reintroduced in 2020 for Spring and Summer but is a colour that will look beautiful all year round and is perfect to style with both summer pastels and winter whites. But not all lime variations of the Hermes bag are created equal - the most valuable is the Lime Kelly 25 with gold hardware. 


8 – Gold

 gold hermes bag constance ghw street style

The Hermès handbag and its classic gold hue takes the eighth position on our list of most valuable colours and this is no surprise as it’s one of the most in-demand shades and one of the few colours the brand permanently stock. Hermès is known for their extensive colour catalogue and release new shades each season but gold is one of the more established and versatile colours and it’s here to stay.


7 – Black

 black hermes bag street style sellier knightsbridge

Elegant, timeless and easy to style, this classic colourway is the seventh most valuable shade on our list. A superb choice for a beginner investor or collector who wants a bag that will never go out of style. A black Hermès bag is a staple of any accessory collection and this shade is a permanent fixture in their colour library regardless of the season. 


6 – Etain/Etoupe

 hermes mini kelly k20 etoupe etain ghw outfit

Coming in at number six are these two equally beautiful and equally valuable neutral shades. Both of these Hermès archive colourways are close to taupe with grey-brown undertones. Etain is an intense neutral shade with a hint of light brown while the Etoupe is the lighter of the two and boasts creamy chocolate tones.


5 – Rose Sakura / Rose Confetti

 flavia stuttgen mini kelly rose confetti

Rose confetti rocked by the queen of colour - Flavia Stuttgen.

Rose Sakura is a very light shade of pink and is one of the more popular colourways for Hermès collectors. Rose Sakura especially is known to command astronomical prices at auction. Rose Confetti is an equally pure and bright candy pink colour and is extremely rare and valuable.


4 – Vert Criquet

 @haute_edition vert criquet hermes kelly 25

Feast your eyes on this beauty from @haute_edition. The Hermès brand has created not one green bag but a whole spectrum of green shades to choose from and Vert Criquet is just one of them. This particular colour can be compared to mint and pistachio tones and is part of the latest seasonal release of colours for 2020.


3 – Craie / White

 white indigo hermes kelly bag ghw buy sellier knightsbridge

A highly sought-after shade, Craie translates to chalk which is a perfect description of the stunning and versatile off white colourway. White is a colour that is regularly in rotation on the Hermès site because of its versatility but it of course requires maintenance to keep it in pristine condition - however, it is also a shade that the house is producing in very limited quantities of late, so getting your hands on a pure white Kelly or Birkin bag is near to impossible.


2 – Bleu Brume / Ciel


Blue shades are rumoured to be the most popular shade for Hermès bag collectors (there’s 24 to choose from) so it’s no surprise that the Bleu Brume shade made the penultimate spot on our most valuable list. Bleu Brume is a new Hermès shade for Spring 2020 and it’s a stunning pale pastel, icy tone. Ciel is from a similar colour family and is equally as desirable and valuable.


1 – Hermes Bubblegum

 bubblegum hermes birkin bag - sothebys

Forget about spotting this one in the wild. Unless you're buds with Jamie Chua you're unlikely to see this colour anywhere - ever! If you're looking to buy an Hermes Bubblegum Birkin bag, you have your work cut out for you. The colour is the rarest and most desirable out there.

As the name suggests, this exotic colour is an intense candy pink hue. Pink colourways are said to harbour the highest resale values and this is the most expensive Hermès shade. Extremely rare, a Hermès bag in Bubblegum can sell for around 70-80k.